This Week in Trailers – Reboot and Incredibles 2

It’s animation time over at This Week in Trailers! We’ve got some mixed feelings about the trailers dropped this week…

Reboot: The Guardian Code

Reboot, as most 90s kids remember, was the first fully CGI animated cartoon. It’s a huge piece of nostalgia for many of us due both to its excellent, Tron-style story and it’s important place in animation history. So why is Netflix rebooting Reboot as some sort of Power Rangers, live action/CGI blend rehashed garbage? The reaction so far has been aggressively negative, and honestly WE GET IT. Boo, Netflix, boo! Who was in charge of this? They seem to have totally missed what made the original special and missed a huge opportunity to breathe some life back into this fantastic franchise.

Incredibles 2

Almost 15 years after the release of the original Incredibles film, we are finally getting the long-awaited sequel. The superhero film by Pixar is a favorite among fans and it looks like it will be worth the wait. This time around, Mr Incredible is left at home to care for the kids while Elastigirl works to secure superheroes their rightful place in the public spotlight.

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