This Week in Trailers – Mortal Engines And Pacific Rim Uprising

Mortal Engines

Peter Jackson, the hero behind the Lord of the Rings films, is taking on one of our favorite genres – the post-apocalypse. Mortal Engines takes place in apocalyptic England, where wheeled cities roam the barren earth and bringing war to all they find. Somewhere between Howl’s Moving Castle meets Mad Max.

The film is based on a young adult novel by author Philip Reeve and is the first film directed by Christian Rivers – a longtime collaborator with Peter Jackson. We are super excited to see what the worldbuilding prowess and visual effect Godliness of Peter Jackson brings to the apocalypse.

Pacific Rim Uprising

The first trailer for Pacific Rim Uprising dropped a couple weeks ago, but a more in depth behind the scenes video released last week. The trailer looks at how some of the practical and digital effects were achieved to create this high-production value blockbuster. As long time Kaiju fans, we love to see what can be accomplished now that this genre is getting some real money behind it.


Are you excited for either of these metal on metal films? Let us know!

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