This Week in Trailers – Kaiju, Apocalypse and Blaxploitation, Oh My

The last week featured some truly spectacular campy trailers. We were treated to a new Pacific Rim trailer, two new post-apocalyptic films, and a teaser trailer for an all new Black Dynamite – we can dig it.

Pacific Rim: Uprising

As far as American-made Kaiju films go, Pacific Rim was pretty enjoyable – not to mention one of the rare few films that prominently features Asian actors in lead roles. So fans have been anxiously awaiting the sequel, slated to come out March 23. They released a second official trailer which promises neon-fueled mega-sized action.


Wastelander will be out this week on February 2nd – it’s a low budget indie film in the post-apocalyptic genre. As far as indie films go, this one has higher production than most, but still promises a healthy dose of camp. It’s unclear if the production crew actually has any real post-apocalypse fans in the mix, or if this was created as a reaction to seeing Fury Road and photos from Wasteland Weekend. We at least have one note to the costume designer: “MORE DIRT!”

The Rain

If legitimate post-apocalyptic films are more your style, then look no further than this Danish made, Netflix produced film The Rain. Netflix has been creating some truly remarkable original entertainment as of late and bringing some high quality work to the masses that would otherwise go mostly unseen. After their success with other Scandinavian entertainment like Norsemen and Lilyhammer, it’s no surprise that they are continuing to look to the Nordic countries to bring quality to their platform.

Black Dynamite 2

It’s been almost a decade since we were first blessed with the film Black Dynamite, one of the most quotable modern blaxploitation films. This teaser trailer released by actor Michael Jai White earlier this week came as a surprise, as to our knowledge no news of an upcoming sequel had been announced previously. The teaser is only a 30 second spot but still leaves us super excited. Check out the teaser as well as the trailer for the original film below.

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