Unity “Neon” Challenge by Xeno Time Inception

The game engine Unity is currently running a “neon” themed contest for game devs. The team at Xeno Time Inception has created this really cool cyberpunk level inspired by Bladerunner.

From the devs: “Deep street is the evil street of Groundcity. you can find everything you are looking for but be careful not to enter the wrong place because you never know what to expect.

We started working on this street for our upcoming Sci-fi Solo FPS, Xeno Time Inception. The street reveals the true personality of this new world. Our goal is to add as many details as possible to bring the street alive, such as people walking/talking, robots, spaceships, flying cars, restaurants, shops, arcade rooms …”

First scene for the #NeonChallenge by #Unity3D
Level Design by Damien Morales
Music made by Lauge & Baba Gnohm

To read more about the development of this level, check out their blog on the Unity website.

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