Turbo Kid 2 Year Anniversary Limited Edition Box Set

Wow, has it really already been two years since the release of the campy 80’s nostalgia-fueled post-apocalyptic film Turbo Kid? It seems so, since Epic Pictures has just released a cool limited edition box set commemorating that fact.

“Each box includes a T-shirt, the 3-Disc Ultra Turbo Charged Collector’s Edition DVD/Bluray set, a mini poster and one of three enamel pins. The box includes the following items:

1) T-shirt with artwork by Coki Greenway. Shirt size range from Small to 4XL. There is limited number of shirts in each size to order yours early.

2) 11 x 17 inch mini-poster designed by Chris Davidson.

3) The 3-Disc Ultra Turbo Charged Special Collector’s Edition DVD/Bluray Set: In addition to the feature on both Bluray and DVD, this set includes Bloody Wasteland: The Making of Turbo Kid, a making of the movie featurette, T is for Turbo, the original short that preceded that film, several mini documentaries.

4) 1 out of 3 enamel pins made exclusively for the box. Pins are in characters of Apple, The Kid and Skeletron. Only 200 were made from each character. 500 individually numbered boxes are on sale now.”

You can buy one of these cool box sets on the Epic Pictures web store.

Just in case you aren’t already familiar with this masterpiece, check out the trailer below.

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