Tom Hardy Teases Mad Max Sequels

Via Telegraph

Tom Hardy is currently on a tour promoting his new BBC drama Taboo, but that doesn’t keep people from asking about when we will be seeing more Mad Max. The best picture nominated film Mad Max: Fury Road was the first film in George Miller’s post apocalyptic action franchise since 1985, but was arguably the best of the series. Featuring insane practical effects, compelling characters and an updated cast of talented actors, fans were understandably eager to learn more about any sequels Miller has in the works.

While at the Television Critics Association, Hardy gave us some insight into what we can expect for the future of Mad Max. I’m anxiously waiting to find out. There’s mythology to do with Mad Max that spans copious amounts of tales,” he said (as reported by“What’s wonderful about George is that he’s created sagas for Max and sagas for Furiosa, so it’s what he chooses to focus in on. I’m really just waiting for the call like, ‘All right, let’s get the leathers on and get back out there and do some more.’ It’s there. I’m just waiting for it and looking forward to it.” 

Hardy also confirmed he has signed on for at least two more films, adding: “Yeah, as far as I know I’ve signed to do three of them. It’s a question of when. I’m not sure it’s called The Wasteland or not ‘cause you never know. These titles change all the time. But, there’s definitely another Mad Max project pending.”

Nothing definitive yet about when we could expect The Wasteland (the current working title for the next film), but this gives us more hope that it’s a real possibility.

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