Three Dates Left for Edward Scissorhands Musical

They’ve taken on ’90s film faves like Scream, Cruel Intentions and Clueless. Now Rockwell: Table & Stage cuts into the absurdity of suburban life with Scissorhands. A Musical Inspired by the Film, a show that’s sure to delight fans of the original which starred Johnny Depp, Wynona Ryder, Dianne Wiest, and Alan Arkin. Based on Tim Burton’s modern fairy tale, in a new twist to the classic story, it follows a synthetic creature with sharp blades for hands who charms an entire neighborhood of normies. You’ll appreciate the movie even more after seeing it reworked for the stage at Rockwell in Los Angeles!

Only three dates remain for the Los Angeles showing and the 20th is almost sold out, so pick up your tickets soon if you want to catch it. Don’t forget the Beetlejuice musical will be on it’s way to theaters soon, too!

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