This Week in Trailers – Kingdom, Iron Sky 2 and Neon Genesis Evangelion


Kingdom is a Korean zombie period piece being released by Netflix in 2019. That sentence alone should sell you on this flick.


Netflix is really going all in on licensed properties and anime content. After the success of Castlevania came news of a live action Cowboy Bebop remake. Now Netflix has announced they will be exclusively streaming the original Neon Genesis Evangelion series as well as both films in Spring of next year. It’s not new content, but whether you’ve never seen it or you’ve seen it a dozen times, it’s worth a watch!


Ok, so this film isn’t exactly new either since it was first funded in 2015 and we got our first trailer even before that. But now we finally, finally have a release date – January 16th, 2019. This sequel to the cult classic dieselpunk Finnish film takes the franchise to an even more bizarre place. Nazis, dinosaurs, and a journey to the center of the earth. It’s a shame it took so long to release that their neighbors in Sweden beat them to the punch with practically all the same hooks in Kung Fury, but we’re excited to watch this anyway.

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