Survios Releases Bizarre Cyberpunk Promotional Material for Eden Corp

Raw Data has been available on Steam and Oculus for the better part of a year, but released for PSVR this week. Developed by LA local studio Survios, Raw Data is a cyberpunk false-utopian shooter in VR centered around company Eden Corp, which promises to simplify your life. The atmosphere of the game (and it’s marketing) is reminiscent of a handful of similar franchises, most notably Portal 2 and Better Off Ted – both of which center on evil corporations that portray themselves as good and necessary (while being responsible for the downfall of society).

While the game itself is considered one of the greatest available on VR to date, I am more compelled by their incredibly well designed marketing campaign and promotional materials.

Their short Facebook videos tell you very little about the actual game, or even that the videos are for a game. They feel very surreal, almost like an alternate reality game, disguised as truth. There are customer testimonials on behalf of the corporation, describing the ways Eden Corp has improved their everyday lives. There are propaganda style calls to action compelling users to find out more today, which funnel viewers to a website that has even less information (other than a place to sign up for their mailing list). It’s beautifully executed in it’s simplicity and shows a deep understanding and appreciation for the cyberpunk genre, of which advertising and corporations have always played an integral role.

Since the website on the videos points to a different one than the official Raw Data content, my feeling is that they are setting up for the announcement of a sequel. I don’t really know – but it did convince me to sign up for their mailing list to learn more, and to eagerly await additional information they may divulge. Keep it up, Survios.

The videos are Facebook only, so you’ll have to visit their page or their website to find out more.

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