The Surreal Nostalgia-Fueled Art of Ian Andrew Young

Ian Young is a Kansas-based second generation fine artist specializing in a blend of classic game and marketing art with a surreal twist. I originally came across his work in a board game group and was immediately taken by the dark themes visualized in vivid colors against the backdrop of some of my favorite gaming franchises. It’s a combination I wouldn’t have come to on my own, but am very glad exists in the brain of someone, somewhere.

Ian is incredibly prolific and has been creating these large scale acrylic paintings since 2004 – his father before him created equally impressive, bizarre works of art. While the vast majority of his works feature (mostly vintage) games, he also tackles topics like education, addiction and psychology. Ian’s pieces are layered and complex and take several viewings to grasp all the nuances. They are simultaneously whimsical yet deeply serious, creating a juxtaposition that is as compelling as it is uncomfortable to look at.

Ian has both originals as well as high quality giclees at affordable prices in his online store.


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