Reilena to Stream D&D Game Full of Magical Creative Women

Well-known and highly talented cosplayer, model, and Blizzard video game developer Reilena will be DMing a Dungeons and Dragons campaign with equally magical and talented women – Creature of Habit, Jessica Dru, Doom and Gloom Princess Cosplay, and Kayla Glover will be playing in her campaign (many of whom will be playing D&D for the first time!). The ladies dressed up as their in-game characters (photographed by Elizabeth Elder) to promote the stream, which begins at 2pm on Sunday the 14th at We may even be treated to some gaming in costume, if we are lucky.

Reilena: “Welcome to Aear Orthrond, a High Elven city near the western sea. Our journey begins here on the day of the Grand Tournament of Regrowth. I am the Oracle and I will be your guide. Please, follow along and listen as we introduce our heroes over the next five days.”

Jessica Dru: “My character is a Celestial Warlock Elf (I couldn’t resist having a Unicorn for a patron). We are actually going to live stream this, but be prepared for silly elf ears and rich world created by Reilena! We’re using Pathfinder rules 

Creature of Habit: “Kinda nervous but pretty excited for DnD this weekend!! My character is a Wood Elf Druid named Elandryss.”

Doom and Gloom Princess Cosplay: “My character is a Goliath (Berserker) Barbarian – be prepared to see people get punched and doors smashed. This is going to be live streamed with all of us in costume XD”

Kayla’s Facebook page is private, so no word on what her character will be.

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