Psionic Bunny

One of my favorite things about Easter is seeing all of the bunnified characters that people create. It’s kind of silly…but I love the creativity involved, especially when it’s a character you really wouldn’t think to bunnify. When we were brainstorming and trying to think of a cool character to bunnify, Melodie Gore had the idea to do Bunny Psylocke for Easter.

Melodie and I were trying to come up with ideas for Easter that would be creative, sexy, and inexpensive. Since Melodie already had a beautifully made Psylocke costume, we just needed to add some Easter holiday flair. I did not want to used traditional bunny ears, so I volunteered to make the psionic, light-up bunny ears for thec ostume. This way, Mel would have a fun set of ears to if she decided to wear the costume to a convention or a party.

Model: Melodie Gore

Instagram @melodie_gore

Psylocke Costume by Anthony Canney

Instagram @HouseofCanney

Photography : JAW Images Photography

Instagram @jaw_images

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