New Dungeons & DRAGons Podcast “Queens of Adventure”

A successful crowdfunding campaign just ended to help bring to life new D&D themed podcast Queens of Adventure – hosted by 4 drag queens. The podcast follows the adventure of the real life drag stars playing through what is promised to be an enchanted and “very queer” adventure.

Beginning as a live show in Seattle, Queens of Adventure (starring Harlotte O’Scara, Butylene O’Kipple, Fraya Love and Arson Nicki) have been playing D&D live to sold out crowds for months. Now it’s moving to the digital realm so it can be enjoyed by folks across the globe. Some words from the game’s DM:

Both drag and D&D are about creating characters that represent a fierce and fearless alter-ego within. Drag artists inhabit elaborate personas, delving deep to unleash a fabulous performer ready to slay a lip sync. Dungeons & Dragons players do exactly the same, crafting a deeply personal role in which they can slay dragons.”

The podcast is expected to launch next month. While we unfortunately won’t get to enjoy the visual component of drag in this audio format, it still promises to be a unique delve into tabletop. Check out a teaser below:




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