The Neon Cyber-Harajuku Nightmares of CocoaPix Photography

CocoaPix Photography is a London-based photographer and stylist with a unique point of view. Their work is an amalgam of Japanese Harajuku and street fashion, high fashion and avant garde, cybergoth, industrial, cyberpunk and sci fi based future fashion. While these things may not seem to have a ton in common, CocoaPix mixes and matches these styles seamlessly, offering up a uniquely beautiful interpretation of the neon powered future when cyber technology is even more ubiquitous than today.

These looks would feel just as home on the runway or in Italian vogue as they do in Tron or industrial nightclubs – something I have never said about any other artist’s work, ever. Creating work that can and does appeal to both of these very different audiences is no easy feat, but CocoaPix nails it. It is my first time seeing an actual photographic personification of Cyberpunk2020’s “High Fashion” cyberpunk style, and I dig it.

Judge for yourself with this gallery:

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