Mickey Goes Mad Max

The German based post-apocalyptic troupe Wasteland Warriors is home to many talented members who have created many unique costumes and vehicles for the European festival circuit. But one of the most unique to come from their group is a recent ensemble entitled “Battlemaus” by JadedJewall. The iconic Mickey Mouse ears have been re-imagined to something between Deadmaus and Tank Girl, with a fantastic makeup look and costume to complement the helmet. All in all it’s a really whimsical and fun look for the apocalypse. JadedJewall also creates lots of interesting harajuku outfits and seems to be right at home in a variety of alt styles – his page is worth a gander. The Battlemaus photos were captured by Fledermausland Photoaction – we’d love to see this character take a trip to Banky’s Dismaland!

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