Los Angeles – Ritual Magick 101 April 10

The following classes are a nine week series that were devised to teach the Witch/Occultist how to learn the skill set to open up a working ritual space for spell work.

Each class that is taught, is part of a step by step process that will culminate in a fully immersed ritual that the students will perform on the final night of the series.

These classes are meant to be taken as a full series, so it is suggested that you not miss any, as they fit together in the final working.

If you purchase all classes together, the last class/ritual will be free.

Class include:
– Apr 10: Intro, overview and discussion followed by the fourfold breath & GD Meditation.

– Apr 17: Elements and 7 ancient planets

– Apr 24: Astrological Signs & Triplicities

– May 1: Elemental Consecration

– May 8: Quarter Calls & Archangels

– May 15: Circle Cast & Cone of Power

– May 22: Altar Setup

– May 29: Earthing the Power

– Jun 5: Group Run Ritual

The Crooked Path Occult Apothecary

1403 W. Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, California 91506

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