Los Angeles – The Improv Generation March 3

They are having a special mixer at The Study – Los Feliz a few doors down from the event for opening night at 7:30pm with special themed cocktails for those that want to attend that too. If not, you can just go to the show at 9:15pm.

Impro Studio Presents The Improvised Generation: Season 4 — our show in the style of Star Trek: The Next Generation is back for its fourth season! Join Captain Georgia S. Thompson and her crew of completely original characters as they board the USS McGinley and embark on another exciting two-month mission through the Alpha Quadrant. In the same world and on the same 24th century timeline as TNG, The Improvised Generation seeks out new life and new civilizations while boldly going where only a completely-improvised show can. TIG is not a Star Trek parody. Rather, it is a genuine attempt by professional improvisers, who also happen to be massive Trekkies, to extract the essence of TNG and create all-new episodes through the delightfully imperfect medium of narrative improv. TIG: Season 4 will dig deep into character-driven episodes, drawing inspiration from such beloved TNG episodes as “Family,” “The Offspring,” and “Darmok.” (Space battles are also inevitable.) Sometimes thrilling, usually funny, always engaging.

Tickets available through Ovation.


Impro Studio

1727 N Vermont Ave, Ste 208, Los Angeles, California 90027

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