Los Angeles – Crafters Supply Swap Brunch April 8

Crafters all have supplies we have been hoarding for that one project that just seems to keep getting pushed off. Rather than letting supplies languish in that dark corner of your closet taking up space and giving you nothing but a vague guilty feeling, swap them out for something new to you! Those old supplies will go to someone who might be in the middle of the perfect project for them, and you might find something that inspires you!

This is NOT a vending event. This is a trade, barter, swap event for crafting supplies. Bring your fabric, yarn, beads, etc and what have you and be open to trade! Please only bring supplies that are in good condition.

1- No one is obligated to accept any trade offer. Anyone getting butthurt about an offer being rejected will be asked to leave.

2. Please don’t bring any potentially harmful crafting supplies such as chemical resins or anything that creates fumes or heavy scents. These are valid supplies but due to the current location of this brunch, they are not appropriate.

3. This is a brunch! Please keep the number of supplies you bring limited to a reasonable amount that can be accommodated in a single persons dining space at a table. If you absolutely have much more you want to swap, bring in a few samples but keep the big pieces in your car. Remember, we want the venue to allow us to come back. Do not bring your own tables to set up. Keep it casual, One backpack of supplies or two tote bags full is about the amount we are looking at right now.

Moore’s Deli

271 E Orange Grove Ave, Burbank, California 91502

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