Kung Fury Sequel in the Works

Via io9

The cult classic cyberpunk-sci fi-fantasy time-traveling-buddy cop short film Kung Fury was crowdfunded and released by Swedish filmmakers in 2015. Now, it reportedly has a sequel in the works – this time starring Michael Fassbender.

Variety reports that Fassbender has already signed on to star in the sequel, which again takes place in Miami in the mid 80s. The plot as we know it so far: “After a Thundercop dies, causing the group to disband, a mysterious villain teams up with Hitler to attain the ultimate weapon.”

Shooting is expected to begin this summer. No news yet on whether this will be a feature length film, although we have been promised that David Hasselhoff will again make an appearance.

Here is the trailer for the original film, in case you missed it somehow:

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