Kickstarter of the Week – Typecast: A Comedy About Monsters in Hollywood

From writer/comedian, Ben Paddon (PortsCenter, Boomer’s Day Off), writer/actress, Mac Beauvais (Hit Girl, The Gloaming), and featuring director Justin Zagri (Severus Snape and the Marauders) comes a comedy of horrors about just how truly monstrous Hollywood can be.

Hollywood! Land of dreams, of opportunity and of…okay, we all know that’s bullshit.

This comedy follows a trio of actors who are getting regular paying work, but who feel trapped by the roles they keep getting cast in. Actors stuck in an endless parade of sci-fi shlock and horror films. And I guess maybe we should mention that they’re actually monsters.

Not actors in makeup, not computer-generated trickery, but real monsters. Like, for real real…this is Typecast.

An ambitious web series to be sure, we decided to take the struggling/disenfranchised actor trope and turn it on its head by imagining a world where all the creepy crawlies you’ve ever seen on the screen were played by actual monsters. If you need the elevator pitch (that’s Hollywood-speak for please compare your stuff to other people’s stuff), it’s a bit of Being Human meets Extras. And who wouldn’t enjoy a comedic story about monsters working in the industry but dreaming of something more? It’s just like Homeward Bound, except for the characters and the core premise.

Our leads consist of Tony, a bog monster, who dreams of playing the lead in a drama instead of generic beasts in lame sci-fi horror films; Abby, a werewolf, who wants to ditch her regular gig as a breakfast cereal mascot; and Leeroy, a zombie, who just wants people to take the living-impaired seriously, which would be easier if he didn’t have to keep gluing his ear back on. The series also features their savvy but ultimately unhelpful agent, Dennis, who wishes they would just stick to what they’re good at (and get him his percentage).

We’ve written a first season arc consisting of 8 episodes, all aiming to be around 6-10 minutes in length, telling the story of these actors and their journey to whatever-the-fuck. We want to deliver the best quality possible, and that requires great locations, crew, catering and, of course, some truly monstrous makeup.

We’ve crunched the numbers and come up with a budget that will allow us to make this thing look as great as possible without breaking the bank, with a little buffer in place in case of unforeseen circumstances. Nobody here is looking to buy themselves a solid gold toilet – we just want to tell our story, make you laugh, and look good doing it.

You can view the trailer on their official Kickstarter page and follow Typecast on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

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