Kickstarter of the Week – Replicade Tempest

Classic Tempest in 1/6 Scale

RepliCade x Tempest is a fully-playable miniature arcade cabinet developed by New Wave Toys and officially licensed by Atari.

Tempest was released by Atari in 1980 and was an instant arcade classic. Now, we are creating the ultimate collector’s piece in highly detailed 1/6 scale!

Our RepliCade x Tempest machine is constructed of wood and metal and features a custom-made Modular Spinner Knob controller with two interchangeable size options: 1/6 scale for show and a larger knob for better control during play modes. Accurately reproduced FIRE and SUPER ZAPPER buttons feature modern gamepad quality.

All RepliCade Amusements run the original ROM you remember playing back in the arcade, and our Tempest machine is no exception!

Designed with fine 1/6th scale details to fit in perfectly with your toy/game collection, bookshelves, bar or desk. Please note the cabinet dimensions are subject to change. Our goal is to maximize the gameplay experience while staying as true to the original cabinet’s scale as possible.

You can learn more about the features and specs, and of course donate to the Kickstarter HERE.

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