Kickstarter of the Week – PolyHero Dice: Rogue Set

Hooray! The third in PolyHero Dice’s awesome custom D&D dice Kickstarters is now live! This third installment is made for fan favorite class, roguePreviously PolyHero Dice released warrior and wizard sets, both of which were uniquely designed works of playable art. We are proud owners of the wizard set (which was refined in material and hand-feel from their original warrior set) and are excited to be backers for their latest series as well. In their own words:

“Each of the last two years we’ve run Kickstarters to produce two sets of imaginative dice, the Warrior Set and the Wizard Set, and thanks to your support they are now both a reality! Both are now available (in limited quantities) from

Now it’s time for a new set of dice to emerge from the shadows! The Rogue Set is once again the classic 7-piece set of RPG dice (plus a special Kickstarter bonus – see below).

As soon as we hit the funding goal we will be immediately “unlocking” (both literally and thematically) a special “lock and pick” set, that you can buy as an add-on to your pledge. You can of course pledge for it now, and help us unlock it!”

You can donate to the Kickstarter HERE and pick yourself up a set of these magical, wonderful, deadly dice.

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