Kickstarter of the Week – Heartbreak Quadrant Phase 2

“Heartbreak Quadrant: Phase Two finds heroes Ida and Kumi trying to survive a deadly nanoplasm that’s eating their ship, a dangerous foe bent on revenge, and a serious case of the munchies. This issue picks up where Phase One (also available through this Kickstarter) left off and is packed with even more action, intrigue, and junk food!

In case you missed the first issue, Heartbreak Quadrant follows Ida and Kumi: two young women who make their living buying, selling, and trading authentic collectibles from planet Earth, which was destroyed twenty years previously in a mysterious attack. They travel the galaxy in the Red Grapefruit, a salvaged alien ship, always seeking the big score that would let them settle down and live comfortably in the Charm Quadrant. Unfortunately, their days are more often filled with double-crossing clients, technological disasters, and sub-standard replicated nachos. See what it’s all about at

Heartbreak Quadrant looks like it has everything we love here at Geeky Freaky – geeky, badass ladies in killer outfits, sci fi whackiness, a quirky and compelling storyline, and high saturation pop art that takes its inspiration from Moebius and more traditional manga while remaining totally its own. In fact, the art is so good we couldn’t pick just one piece from the Kickstarter page to feature.

You can donate to the Kickstarter HERE.

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