Kickstarter of the Week – Cosplay Deviant’s Zodiac Statues

Adult cosplay website Cosplay Deviants is entering their 10th year of existence and are celebrating by expanding into a brand new geeky sector – statues! They are no strangers to making cool and quirky merchandise, offering everything from books to calendars, skateboard decks and even a trading card game. Now three of their most popular cosplay models will be immortalized as anime statues, and you can grab them by donating to their Kickstarter. 

“Each Deviant will represent a sign of the Zodiac, and the first series includes:  Amy Fantasy as Aquarius, Domi as Scorpio, Foxy as ½ Gemini. Each statue was designed by artist Mina Cream and sculpted by the production team at iLoveFigure. From start to finish, we have paid close attention to making sure each statue represents the Deviant’s aesthetic, including even the finite details such as their tattoos. We’ve already made the initial investment and each prototype has already been completed.”

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