Kickstarter of the Week – Circlet Press 25th Anniversary “Best Erotic SciFi” Anthology

“Circlet Press has been publishing erotic science fiction and fantasy since 1992. Our mission has always been to celebrate the sexual imagination as a way to change the world for the better. We would like to see a world where many different expressions of gender and sexuality are accepted and celebrated in ways that they may not be in the present day.

This year marks our 25th anniversary and to commemorate 25 years on the cutting edge of erotic literature, we would like to publish a “best of” anthology, as we did in 2012, 2007, and 2002.

Circlet’s past “best of” anthologies have included stories in nearly every genre and subgenre of science fiction and fantasy, including steampunk, space opera, magical realism, high fantasy, paranormal, cyberpunk, gaslamp fantasy, and more, as well as many a sexual identity and alternative sexuality, from gay, lesbian, and bisexual, to trans and genderqueer, from kink and BDSM to sapiosexuality and even asexuality. I expect this one to be just as varied and just as well-written. “

You can donate to their Kickstarter HERE.

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