Jordan Peele to Reboot “Twilight Zone”

Finally, some news of a reboot we can get behind. 

CBS announced recently that they have recruited Get Out director Jordan Peele to develop a reboot of the beloved Twilight Zone series. It has been remarkable to watch how quickly Peele has adapted from his early work on Key and Peele – which while thought provoking and irreverant – were rather juvenile in comparison to the work he has produced since its final season 2015.

Marco Ramirez, of Netflix’s The Defenders and Daredevil is on board to run the show. This is the latest in a line of initiatives to breathe life into CBS’ streaming platform, which has been struggling from a lack of original content and some major technical issues.

We will see if Star Trek: Discovery and a Twilight Zone reboot are enough to convince the nerds to subscribe to their service. With so much content available across so many more accessible platforms, it is hard to say if Twilight Zone – or even Star Trek: Discovery – will last. Regardless, it’s a great time to be a nerd, and we are excited to see a new generation of geeks introduced to one of the most influential TV shows of all time.

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