Jaw-Dropping Behind the Scenes Photos from 80’s Horror Juggernaut “The Blob”

Via BloodyDisgusting

If there is anything the 80s did better than we do today, it is the creation of realistic, grizzly horror effects. Back before we could fake everything with CGI, filmmakers had to actually build anything they wanted to show on screen. Everything in the 80s was a little bit ugly – the hair, the fashion – but nothing quite like the gruesome effects that the horror genre perfected throughout the decade. Even 30 years later, John Carpenter (The Thing) and Chuck Russel (The Blob) are still the standards by which we judge the success of practical effects. Practical effects did and do look more real than CGI because they are real. So seeing how these amazing effects were created is fascinating – how did they make them look so real, anyway?

Lucky for us, effects studio Alterian Studios shared some awe-inspiring behind the scenes shots of some of the most iconic makeup in cinema history. You can see more on their Facebook and the Bloody Disgusting page. The Facebook page gives some context behind the images and some insight into how they created these shots.

If you haven’t watched The Blob before, now is the perfect time.

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