Incredible Painted Ladies of the Apocalypse

Melbourne based artist and photographer Bryn DC has created a series of badass painted warrior women; beautiful and strong. The series itself is entitled “Hypermnesia ’99” and is inspired by the 1990s era of post apocalyptic fiction – films like Tank Girl, Mad Max and The Warriors, and more recently Turbo Kid. The high saturation and use of bold colors is unusual for the post-apocalypse, but somehow feels right at home within the genre. Hypermnesia ’99 speaks to the vision of the apocalypse as art directed by Frank Miller. Bold, with stark contrast and texture, larger than life and a touch of the surreal.

The series even comes with a little lore, courtesy of Bryn DC: “In the year 1999, society has begun to crumble under the strain of rising inequality and civil unrest. Everything outside the cities has gone; towns abandoned, farms barren wastelands and industry choked. Even here, there are those that still eke out an existence: the outsiders.”

Bryan DC doesn’t just create fantastic post-apocalyptic works – he also has a remarkably visionary portfolio of horror and fetish inspired arts. “My life has been spent making monsters, whether human or inhuman, figurative or literal, and showing the humanity that survives them,” the photographer writes on Patreon. “I have a background in effects make-up for film and my art has always drawn influence from fringe genres like horror, film noir and giallo.” You can see more on his Facebook, Instagram and website.

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