Incredible Horror Makeup Tutorials in Time for Halloween!

“Ellimacs SFX brings you easy to follow special fx makeup tutorials utilizing pretty basic makeup and the stuff you find around your house. We aim to develop cost efficient and approachable methods for you to create amazing looks for cosplay, movie productions, Halloween or just for fun.

Elli & Macs = Ellimacs Creating all the effects is 21 year old, self taught sfx makeup artist Ellinor Rosander. Although a schooled beauty stylist, SFX is her true calling. Producer Macs Moser talks you through the tutorials and makes sure the production looks awesome, even when your watch it on your big screen TV.”

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These truly unique and inspiring makeup looks will help you look fabulous this Halloween (or any time of year, really). Ellimacs takes traditional characters and gives them a unique personal spin, as well as creating looks entirely from her own imagination. We have linked a couple of our favorite videos below, but there is a wealth of video content on her Youtube channel to peruse.

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