Hilariously Creepy Horror Themed Sculptures and Home Goods

One of our all-time favorite artists on Etsy is Joe Rowles, better known as MoldyCreations. His grotesquely realistic sculptures are made from polymer clay and acrylic paint, and finished off with a clear gloss to give it an extra layer of ickiness. Joe’s work is incredibly distinct and recognizable, and he has taken his unique, uh…eye…and applied it to all sorts of fun goodies (for a totally reasonable price, we might add!) You can get everything from:

Necronomicon sketch books.

A variety of gruesome cell phone cases.

Mugs for entertaining your mother-in-law at fancy dinner parties.

Also good if you are on a diet.

And a teapot to match your mugs.

The fidget spinner to end all fidget spinners.

Guaranteed to piss off teachers.

And alllllll sorts of stuff for the discerning fan of both horror and smokables. Like,

A toothy lighter sleeve.

Another lighter sleeve, with eerily realistic flesh tones.

You’ll never accidentally leave with someone else’s lighter again.

A grinder reminiscent of the Sarlaac pit.

This clown stash pot should discourage people from rifling through your belongings.

And this cyclops stash box shows people you aren’t to be fucked with.

And of course…What stoner’s collection would be complete without these?

A sturdy pipe you might be afraid to put your lips on.

And we saved the best for last – yes, that is a Pickle Rick pipe.

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