Geography of Robots – Pixel Art & Interactive Storytelling

Geography of Robots is a collection of games, interactive fiction, and other experiments that explore the hidden geographies, conspiracies, folklore, and environmental histories of the Deep South.

Geography of Robots includes both original music as well as games. There are currently 2 demos and 1 full visual novel available for download (for free!) Norco: Faraway Lights also has a browser version available. Norco is described as “This brief demo introduces the player to Norco, a rich pixelated universe of bizarre conspiracies, difficult family histories, and insurrectionary androids hiding in the swamp. Wander the solitary industrialized streets of your hometown in search of your brother. Lose yourself in the textured synth magic of New Orleans-based composer Gewgawly I, with a guest track by Andy Gibbs of the doom metal band Thou.”

Doomy metal and retrosynth? Sign us the fuck up.

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