Four New and Upcoming Neon-Fueled Cyberpunk Dreamland Games

Sense – 不祥的预感 : A Cyberpunk Ghost Story

“Sense – 不祥的预感: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story is a 2.5D game inspired in design by Clock Tower and Fatal Frame, and story-wise by sci-fi classics like Bladerunner as well as heavily from Traditional Asian Folklore. Set in the year 2083 in Neo Hong-Kong, the story follows Mei-Lin Mak, a young woman with cybernetic eyes pulled into the maelstrom of an unsolved supernatural mystery from centuries past. As she peers deeper into the mystery, her perception of reality slowly crumbles around her, leaving her to question every intricacy of her surroundings.”

While Project Sense recently failed to hit their funding goal on Kickstarter, that isn’t the end of development on this game – they are planning to relaunch a new campaign in early 2018. Following their Twitter feed shows work very much still active – new character designs have been dropping and the devs have been hopping into Twitch streams to give progress updates. The relaunch will have a new and improved demo with more final art, and a more complete campaign that more clearly illustrates scope and intention. The character and world designs, UI and soundtrack are all well executed interpretations of cyberpunk with Japanese flair, and we are hopeful that this game will reach funding and fulfill development the second time around.


“You are RUMU – a robot designed to clean, and to love. You awake in a fully automated Smart Home. Your only companions are Sabrina, the house AI and watchful guide, and the home’s dysfunctional cast of semi-intelligent devices. (And Ada, the cat.) It’s your job to keep the home spotless, cleaning up after your eccentric creators David and Cecily. When something draws you away from your home maintenance duties and into the hidden passageways and long forgotten rooms of the house, you’ll be faced with challenging moral dilemmas forcing you beyond your programming to uncover the truth about the love and loss of your elusive family.”

An unusual take on the near-future, this narrative driven game dives into deep emotional and ethical questions, all from the viewpoint of a sentient room cleaning robot. It’s beautiful and hopeful, yet lonely and heartbreaking at the same time. The writing is superb and the viewpoint refreshing; we are happy to see so many small indies using the interactive nature of video games as a platform to explore difficult questions.

Rumu released earlier this week and is available on Steam now.


PowerOrb Neon

“PowerOrb Neon is a futuristic, 3D synthwave ball game set in a dark, neon-lit world. It’s a fast-paced and adrenaline-fuelled mini game that can be played over and over again.”

PowerOrb Neon isn’t exactly a new concept, but that’s kind of what makes it cool. It takes the earliest 1972 foray into video gaming (Pong) and re-imagining it with 80’s inspired retro future graphics and modern mechanics is pretty neat – this spans the entire era of cyberpunk, both past and future. It’s not anything complex, but for $4 it’s a fun way to kill some time and the aesthetics are quite lovely. As of this article the game is fully playable in Early Access, but devs say they will continue to develop and improve, including the addition of a variety of game modes.

You can buy PowerOrb Neon on their website now.


Neon Valley Revenge

“The world is a bleak vision…

Governments have won the Cyberwar. Monitoring and restricting users. The dark web is dead. Oppression runs rampant as governments assert dominance and control over free speech. There is no propaganda. There is no sugar-coating this. There is no need when they have won. We work to fuel the system, to keep their corporate structure alive… In return, we are not replaced by machines. Then came a transmission. An access key within an encrypted program. The invitation to Neon Valley.

Neon Valley: Revenge is an online shooter with Neo 80s design influence. Full of retro neon-infused graphics and hardcore gameplay features, join the digital frontier of Neon Valley and claim your place at the top!”

There isn’t a ton of information available about Neon Valley Revenge just yet – we’re not sure on a release date, price point, distribution platform, supported systems, or what exactly the game will include. What we DO know is that is looks rad as fuck and pumps up that 80’s Neo-Hong Kong aesthetic up to 11. It’s a one man project under the name Daydream Productions – originally an artist and design who learned how to program in C# Unity to bring this project to fruition. Lofty goals! While we aren’t able to yet speak to the game mechanics or level of polish within the game itself, this is enough to keep us intrigued and wanting more. Right now the game is expected to have:

  • Health shield system inspired by Halo: Combat Evolved
  • Agility focused movement for freedom of control. Walljumping, dashing and air control
  • Assortment of weapons and gadgets with unconventional mechanics
  • Skill and style based points scoring system
  • Online multiplayer
  • Arcade style high score leaderboards
  • Neo 80s design and synthwave music

If you want to follow progress and stay informed about the game’s release, you can sign up for the mailing list. 

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