First Look at Netflix’s “Altered Carbon”

Via io9

One of our favorite things about the cyberpunk genre (and there are so many things to love about it), is how much opportunity it affords for unique marketing strategies.

Altered Carbon, slated to be one of Netflix’s most expensive genre series comes in at between 6-7 million dollars per episode and releases sometime in 2018. There hasn’t been much in the way of official PR around it yet, but some weird things have been happening on Reddit that look like they could be the real deal. Plus, isn’t it more fun to build excitement about a cyberpunk series this way? Grassroots, taken straight to the modern equivalent of BBS boards (often from handheld devices). Cyberpunk as fuck, if you ask us.

A series of gifs have been posted from a 2 week old Reddit account Last Envoy, that has exclusively posted Altered Carbon hints. Curious, but it lends it some serious believability and intrigue.

The story – adapted from the bestselling novel by Richard K Morgan – explores our future when human consciousness can be transferred from body to body. Society divides between those who can afford the luxury of eternal life and the dregs who cannot.

But you came here for gifs, and gifs you shall have:

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