Fallout Evacuation Van Sells for $7600

This auction for a one of a kind Fallout evacuation van ended this morning (sorry, potential bidders) and sold for a cool $7601. From the seller:

“We have all heard the phrase “one of a kind” before, but nothing personifies that like this truck. Why? Who knows… I had a hard on to build a really cool conversion van, and happen to be a huge Fallout fan. It’s a true show stopper, every traffic light and gas station fill up turns into a conversation and photo shoot. Gamer’s have a complete nerd-gasm over it, and even those who have no idea what Fallout is want to take pictures and talk about it. Its a genuinely cool van to drive. Hate to sell it, but need to fund another project”

You can see more of the auction details on eBay.

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