DC’s Colorful New Genderfluid Superhero

Via Pinknews

A new character under the psuedonym “Doctor Endless” has been announced by DC, and stands to be the first genderfluid character under the brand. Inspired by Neil Gaiman’s Sandman universe, Doctor Endless looks dashing in a black tuxedo suit, white trenchoat with psychedelic lining and lapels – cosplayers rejoice! The hero will be introduced in the first edition of Suicide Squad: The Black Files in August.

Doctor Endless will be hunting Sebastian Faust, a US government operative gone AWOL, alongside established heroes like El Diablo, Gentleman Ghost and Enchantress.

Neil Gaiman, who created the Sandman series almost 30 years ago, still has to give his approval to DC to use the character with a Sandman referencing backstory. Since he has been historically LGBT friendly and extremely cool in general, we don’t expect anything other than an overwhelming thumbs up from Gaiman on Doctor Endless – who ties in beautifully with the established Sandman pantheon. After all, Neil Gaiman was responsible for the first genderfluid character in mainstream comics when he created Sandman’s Desire.

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