The Best Subscription Boxes for Halloween

We have tried a variety of subscription boxes over the years. So many, in fact, that we were becoming overwhelmed with tchotckes and needed to take a break lest we be buried in a toy avalanche. But with Halloween approaching and fall in the air, we decided to take a look at some of the witchiest and weirdest boxes out there.

Magickal Folk

“Each month, subscribers vote in the overall theme for the month. Each one of the curated kit focus on an aspect of the current theme. The Meditation Kit focuses on the contemplative or guided meditation aspect the chosen theme. This kit focuses on using healing crystals & minerals with incense as a ritual. All the themed kits include grimoire pages detailing product information & use as well as active but private study + social group for growth, expanded awareness and support.”

Price: $7.00, $12.00, $20.00 or $35.00 monthly depending on the package chosen.

Skulls Unlimited

“Skulls Unlimited is the World’s Leading Supplier of osteological specimens and provide the best quality in our trade. Your monthly Bone Box subscription will include a Skulls Unlimited osteological products (i.e. Skulls, Baculums, Claws…) worth well over the monthly rate you pay.”

Price: $24.99 monthly.

Mystery Experiences

“Our mysteries are created by internationally acclaimed author CHRISTOPHER FORREST.  His bestselling novels have been published in the United States, Canada, Germany, Greece, Spain, Central America and South America. We also produce mysteries in partnership with entertainment companies such as 20th CENTURY FOX for the movie MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS. Each month you will receive a new mystery experience created by a best-selling author that tells a compelling story and offers a mystery to solve. Our mystery experiences include murders, lost relics, serial killers, forbidden secrets and much more!”

Price: $29.99 monthly.

Enchanted Crystal

“A curated selection of crystals & minerals sourced from around the world. Choose from the single specimen Crystal of the Month plan, or the multiple Crystal Variety Box. The Crystal Variety box includes a new custom designed cloth grid every month (Only included with this plan). Each plan includes an extra assortment of mini crystals and minerals.”

Price: $16.00 or $58.00 monthly depending on the plan chosen.

Hunt a Killer

“Enter the mind of a serial killer while he taunts you from afar. Clues from a serial killer you can touch. Embark on a journey of deceit, betrayal, and rampage on continuing saga without ever leaving your home. New items delivered each month that tell a story for you to interpret – for you to solve.”

Price: $30.00 monthly

Mysterious Package

“A mysterious package is…a fantastic story with handcrafted artifacts delivered episodically by mail, a gift unlike any other, sure to terrify or amuse, an exclusive, immersive narrative, that grips the imagination, quality materials designed for a rich tactile experience, unique objects crafted by our curious and peculiar artisans, a new form of entertainment meant to be shared. We tell stories you can touch.”

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