The Beautiful Apocalypse as Imagined by Dim Horizon Studio

Working with Dim Horizon Studio has been on my list of artistic dreams ever since I saw his incredible photoshoot of a Big Daddy and Little Sister inside the Atlanta aquarium. Even though I come across beautiful photography constantly, it remained my PC background for close to 3 years. Dim Horizon is synonymous with the Atlanta cosplay scene, which is thriving in no small part due to the spectacle Dragon*Con brings each year. For a reason I am not personally privvy to, there is a large contingent of post-apocalyptic costumers that participate in the D*C parade each year; and Dim Horizon spends the remainder of the year capturing their portraits in desolate and decrepit locations.

The photos range from cosplays of actual characters (lots of Fallout and some Mad Max), to elaborate original designs. No special attention paid to age or gender – the apocalypse imagined by Dim Horizon Studio has a wide range of people represented, which makes it feel more vivid and certainly more real. His photos are highly contrasty, varying between high saturation to sepia tones (yet somehow managing to feel like they belong in the same world).

If this is what the apocalypse holds in store, sign me up.

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