Badass Atompunk Sci Fi Installation (Built by Kids!)

Via Nerdist

File away under: Things I wish I existed when I was a kid. The New Hampshire Beam Camp revolves around teaching kids aged 9-16 to be makers and builders. 2017’s project was conceived and designed by cartoonist and installation artist Shing Yin Khor (who has several other incredible builds in her portfolio), but largely constructed by around 90 children attending the camp.

Over the course of three weeks, kids between the ages of 9-16 learned carpentry, propmaking, moldmaking, scenic painting, sign painting and basic electrical skills,” Khor wrote on her site. The whole structure was build in only a week.

The campers worked under the direction of Khor and a team of camp counselers, utilizing skills they learned during their time at camp to build pieces sketched and modeled by Khor. The final result looks like something out of Fallout, if Fallout was set in the remains of a NASA base. Titled “Salvage Station No. 8” this structure truly brings us hope for what the future generation of geeks will bring. Maybe they will get to build some sets on the next Alien film? What say you, Ridley Scott?


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