“Attack of the Cyber Octopuses” Behind the Scenes Preview

The cyberpunk dystopian flick that funded through Kickstarter last year, Attack of the Cyber Octopuses, just released a couple behind the scenes videos for how they achieved some of the practical effects in the film. The film utilizes a combination of CGI and miniatures to create the world, similar to classic films like Bladerunner. The protagonists – the cyber octopi themselves – were modeled in 3D and then 3D printed. The film uses stop motion to give the effect of movement.

The film’s Youtube page has all kinds of cool tutorials for how to create realistic cityscapes on an indie budget. It’s remarkable what the team was able to accomplish on such a small budget – big studios could take a lesson or two from these guys.

Here is one of the recent behind the scenes videos, as well as the trailer. Be sure to support them on Facebook and buy the film from their store.

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