Anaheim – Villains Day February 11

The Circle of Villains presents our 4th annual Villains Day – Stalk Around The Park SUNDAY FEBRUARY 11th, 2018. A valid Disneyland AP or Ticket will be needed to attend this event as it will be held inside Disneyland.

Join in the frightfully wicked fun as you put on display your best Villains attire. Tighten your Hooks, Polish those poison Apples, Straighten your Horns as we stroll along Main Street to strut along the common Disney goers to flaunt our Villains style for the 4th time in all our malevolent glory! Let’s show everyone that Villains can have their Happily Ever Afters too!

Villains Day Stalk Around the Park is an Unofficial Theme Day to show off your garb with a villainous flair. Villain inspired T-shirts, dresses or Disney bound a character. If you choose to represent a Vile Villain you may Disney bound only as costumes are NOT allowed. Disney bounding is dressing as your favorite wicked character in a more subtle way. Creating an outfit with everyday clothing to represent your Villain of choice.

Please Follow Disneyland Dress Code & Park Rules

***This is an Unofficial Day NOT affiliated with The Walt Disney Company. Remember, as we would also like to see more actual official Disney Villains in costume we do not have any say or control over that as we are just an unofficial event. Villains Day – Stalk Around The Park is just a day for regular park visitors to dress in Villains Fashion and Stalk the park with other like minded ghoulish individuals.

***Follow us on Instagram @VILLAINSDAY for updates and prize giveaways on day of event.


-Stalk Around the Park Team

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