Anaheim – Disneyland Lolita Day October 15

***Come join us for our Fifth Anniversary Celebration this year on October 15, 2017!!***

Schedule of Events:
Disneyland Park Hours: 8:00am to 12 midnight.
10:00 am ~ 1:30 pm — DLD Buttons Distributed at Covered Dining Area behind Edelweiss Snacks
2:00 pm — Group Photo: Sleeping Beauty Castle
5:45 pm — Group Ride: Mad Tea Party

Our emphasis for this year is “Go Have Fun!”. Whether you’re an Annual Passholder or have a One Day Ticket, there’s so much to do at Disneyland. We want to encourage our attendees to go have fun at the Parks, so this year we will not be providing a Hosts’ Schedule. Buttons will be available during our usual hours of 10am to 1:30pm at the outside seating area behind Edelweiss Snacks, as well as near Sleeping Beauty castle after our Castle Photo and near the Mad Tea Party after our Group Ride. Remember, Your Hosts come to celebrate this fun event too, so we want to go have fun and watch all of you lovely dressed up people roam around the park as well!

Group Meeting Instructions:
Group Meeting Locations Map and Photos:

Legacy Buttons are coming to DLD 2017!
This year, we really want to give an extra thank you to those of our attendees who have supported us from the very beginning! Lucky attendees will be presented with a special Limited Edition Legacy Button at this year’s event!! show us your previous 4 Lolita Day Snaps on your phone. We ask that they are pre-saved, as service at the Park is often spotty. That’s it!

Revival Buttons are also coming to DLD 2017!
The Legacy Buttons aren’t the only special thing we have planned for our Fifth Anniversary! This year, we’re bringing our old buttons back in a revival series! Did you miss a year? Lost a button? Simply want to collect them all? You’re in luck! We have a small quantity of buttons leftover from previous years, and we wanted to find a unique way to share them!
Attendees will have the opportunity to choose ONE button from previous years’ events to add to their collection. To receive the button, visit your Hosts at Edelweiss Snacks and let us know which button you would like.

Full details for Legacy & Revival Buttons:

Other important information for this year:

Dress Code Guidelines:

Button Rules:

We want to make sure you all are notified of all of our updates, so be sure to follow our Facebook page, event page, and Instagram to make sure you’re getting every single one of them!


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