“American Satan” – Where Heavy Metal Meets the Supernatural

Anyone who has grown up in the Los Angeles metal scene should probably see this movie, if the trailer is any indication. American Satan is a twist on the Southern saxaphone player selling his soul to the devil for jazz fame; its been updated for the modern era to be set in Los Angeles and include the metal band The Relentless. American Satan is getting a limited release this October and seems to be about as AAA as B cult flicks get, boasting talent from Rob Zombie’s The Devil’s Rejects, music from projects like Born of Osiris, Jon Davis from KoRn, Animals as Leaders, The Faceless, Deftones and Skid Row, not to mention genuine acting talent like Denise Richards and Malcolm McDowell.

The trailer hits up all the iconic LA haunts – in 2 and a half minutes we see The Rainbow, The Whisky, The CIA, Circus Liquor and more, so we are confident the people making this film actually know a thing or two about the scene out here. The film looks like it is going to deliver the right mix of seriousness and campy cult appeal and will hopefully help breathe some life back into the sadly diminishing Sunset Strip music scene (RIP HoB, Knitting Factory).

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