Cosplay and Photo Submissions: Submissions must be of high quality and contain between 2-10 images from the same photoset. We do not publish cameraphone, convention floor or behind the scenes style shots on our website (unless it is submitted as a tutorial). Permission must be obtained from any of the models, photographers, stylists, companies or makeup artists involved. Please be sure to include all credits when submitting your photos. The submission must be your original work and will retain its original watermarks. Each submission should include a written description of the photoset, the costume, and the people involved. Not all images we receive will be posted, please do not be offended if your work is not chosen as we have a strict quality and theme guideline. Always feel free to submit again with future photoshoots! Cosplay and Photo submissions must be within the theme of the website – geeky and freaky, and should represent BOTH the geek and the alternative cultures. Please check our example galleries for the an idea of the types of work we accept. Here are some keywords to the type of content we accept, ideally it will have one or more of these genres in the gallery, although certain genres are both geeky and freaky on their own – use your best judgement: Content does not need to be unpublished or unseen. Everyone is welcome to submit regardless of gender, age, or bodytype, but photos must be of professional quality.

Keywords: Video Games, Comic Books, Cosplay, Anime, Cartoons, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Tabletop Gaming, Pen and Paper, LARPing, Historical Re-Enactment, Animation, Board Games, Literature, Conventions, Ren and Pirate Faires, Science, Tech and Gadgets, Kaiju, Martial Arts, Parkour, Alternative Fighting Leagues, History, Philosophy, Culture, Horror, Fetish, Post-Apocalyptic, Cyberpunk, Steampunk, Dieselpunk, Atompunk, Dreadpunk, Dystopian, Goth, Metal, Punk, Industrial, Rockabilly, J-Rock, Visual Kei, K-Pop, Chiptune, Breakcore, Tattoos, Burlesque, Alt-Porn, Hentai, Clubbing, Festivals, Shadowcasts, Cars, Wrestling, Luchadora, Circus and Carnivale, Freak Shows, Vintage, B-Movies, Cult Films, Special FX, Animatronics, Furries, LBGT, Drag, Bodypaint, Performance Art, Blaxploitation, Theater, Alternative Lifestyles, Theology, Magic, Counterculture

Submissions should be dark or alternative in theme as well as being geeky. Try to get a feel for the type of content we post before submitting. We do not accept straight cosplay/geek or alternative submissions. It’s not that we don’t love this stuff – there are just lots of other sites that post this type of content! We want to focus on the cross-section. Please send all submissions to or submit through our form on this page.

Example Galleries:

Article Submissions: Submissions for such as reviews, interviews, articles, collections, lists, artist or clothing features, etc must be edited for spelling and grammar. Any written material submitted must be your original work. Each submission should include any images, links, videos, etc. that accompany it. All articles will be reviewed before being posted and may be edited for content, errors, flow, or format. All submissions must include the original source of the image or product, or will not be included. We want to support the people making this art and give them the credit they deserve. This includes things like geek ink postings – images must name either the original tattoo artist or the wearer of the tattoo. Send your submission to or through the form found on this page – if you are interested in becoming a staff writer, please say so in your email. Staff writers are expected to submit a minimum of 1 article and 2 minor features (such as a re-post, an event, or a photo blast) a month. Not everything submitted will be posted due to content and quality, but we do appreciate everything that is sent to us! This content must be unpublished and exclusive to the site.

Example Articles:

18+ Submissions: We are happy to showcase your naughtier work, promote your cam sessions or solo sites, promote geeky adult films and performances, fetish events, burlesque shows, etc. Things dealing with adult in any capacity or with any level of nudity will go under this section. Please submit your photos to or through the form on this page.

Example Galleries:

Fan Gallery Submissions: Submissions for our Facebook fan albums ( can be sent to – Permission must be obtained from any of the models, photographers, stylists, companies or makeup artists involved. Please be sure to include all credits when submitting your photos. The submission must be your original work and will retain the original watermarks. Please keep in mind that there is a queue and sometimes it may take awhile for your photos to be published. You do not need to have professional photos for this – it all goes onto the Facebook! Feel free to submit anything geeky OR freaky! General cosplay, geeky, and alternative photos are all welcome here. We also accept submissions for our Geek Ink and Special FX albums. Share your geeky tattoos as well as your geeky makeup work!

Becoming an Official Geeky Freak: To become an official Geeky Freak we expect you to regularly contribute galleries, articles and attend events. Geeky Freaks may also be responsible in part of monitoring and creating content for social media outlets.  We ask that you submit both your own original work (in the form of photos, articles, videos, art, tutorials, etc) as well as reblogging work you come across within our theme. Don’t worry, it’s not a fulltime job – but we do look for members who will actively participate in the community and contribute to the site. You must show that you have a positive attitude and can play well with others, and that you will actively participate. Once you have joined you are expected to submit content on an ongoing basis. For more information and to submit please send an email to

Geeky Freaky is located primarily in Los Angeles, California – but we accept submissions from all over the world. If you are a model or cosplayer who wants to submit photos but does not have access to their own photographer, or an official Geeky Freak located in greater Los Angeles, we can possibly set up an official photoshoot with you. Please email if you’d like to discuss this option.


Geeky Freaky Staff