• Mistress Zelda

    Editor in Chief, Geek of All Trades

  • Los Angeles, California

    Zelda is a tattooed cosplayer, lifetime gamer, comic enthusiast, tabletop fan, sci fi and fantasy fanatic, historical re-enactor, and post-apocalyptic pre-enactor. She works in video game development, and has played video games and pinball at the competitive level.

  • Deb Kavis

    Bohemian Geek

  • Los Angeles, California

    Deb is a writer whose work covers a delicious variety of weird and wonderful topics. A BDSM lifestyler, burlesque performer, and Rocky Horror alum, she can be found all over Los Angeles in various states of undress. Catch her if you can!

  • Kevin Mack

    Photographer, Dungeon Master

  • Los Angeles, California

    Kevin is a Los Angeles-based photographer, video game and VR developer. Geeky wizard, magic-spinner, mad scientist, knot tyer, explorer.

  • Scare Crobot

    Event and Cosplay Photographer, Crafting Wizard

  • Long Beach, California

    Scare Crobot is a Geeky Freaky staff photographer. She is responsible for our photo coverage at events and is also available for private shoots for portfolio and submission to our site. She is also a talented costumer, crafter, and clubbing enthusiast.

  • Christian

    Guy Who Builds Stuff

  • Long Beach, California

    Christian has worked professionally in industry fabrication for over 15 years. He is a medieval re-enactor, post-apocalyptic pre-enactor, blacksmith, gunsmith, propmaker and custom car builder.