Abney Park has Another Board Game in the Works!

Just a few short weeks after releasing their first handmade, self-published and designed board game A.C.E. Airship Crime Experts, steampunk supergroup Abney Park is back at it again. Vocalist Robert Brown recently took to Facebook to gauge feedback from his fans on their next game, said to be “…a board game wherein a bunch of eclectic and possibly supernatural characters are trapped in the basement of a museum of magical artifacts. They have to loot the artifacts to gain the tools to escape, all while keeping their loot, and identities secret.

…also, the museum is a labyrinth that constantly changes shape!”

No word yet on the final title or when the game can be expected, but if history is to be believed the next game will be ready for purchase in the next few weeks. Here are a few prototype images as well as the current proposed game title:

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