8 Wreaths for a Creepy Christmas

We love decorating for the holidays as much as the next gal, but let’s face it – our aesthetic tends to border more on Halloween than it does Christmas. Never fear, for there are plenty of other weirdos out there inspiring us with their creative designs. You can show off your holiday cheer while simultaneously scaring away solicitors! Here’s a look at some of our favorite designs this season:

Krampus Wreath

One of the oldest and weirdest winter holiday folkloric tales, believed to stretch all the way back to pre-Christian Alpine traditions. Krampus has been gaining a rabid following again in the past few years (maybe parents just like the idea of someone taking away their misbehaving children?) This guy lets anyone who knocks on your door know what’s in store for them – better behave or Krampus will take you away in his sack and beat you with reeds.

This guy requires a bit of sculpting ability – its still hard to come by pre-fab Krampus decor. If you want to buy an already made Krampus wreath, this one is available from Etsy seller FantasyClayFlowers.

Nightmare Catcher

Ok, so this one is technically a dreamcatcher and not a wreath, but it’s got the right shape and we think it would be a badass centerpiece to anyone who loves oddities, taxidermy, or occult. If you know where to source a spine, all you need to do is loop it onto some wire formed into a circle, embellish it with some garlands, flowers, acorns or crystals, and you’ve got yourself an awesome wreath.

This one was created by Etsy user doppelgangerartspb.

Nightmare Before Christmas Monster Wreath

Of course, you can’t go wrong with Nightmare Before Christmas. The best part is that you can use these for Christmas AND Halloween (or year round – we don’t judge). This one is currently available in Downtown Disney’s World of Disney shop in both California and Florida.

Jack Skellington Wreath

There are a lot of other options for Nightmare Before Christmas inspired wreaths, like this Jack Skellington piece by Etsy user TisTheSeasonDesign. She has a ton of variations on this concept (and so does Pinterest if you give it a look) – all you need are black and white stripes and some painted or sourced ornaments that look like Jack and you’ve got yourself a quality wreath. Experiment with the other characters, too!

Cthulhu Tentacle Wreath

This one comes with an easy-to-follow DIY tutorial! All you need is some garland, some ornaments, and some tentacles (save a step and keep them orange if you want for a kraken-inspired wreath). Imgur user Liquidnight added some additional bling and some LEGO octopi to really fancy it up – there are a lot of variations you can make on this idea. If you give this tutorial a shot, we’d love to see photos of your finished product!

Green Man Wreath

Unfortunately this particular design is no longer offered for sale, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try making your own! Local craft stores sell plenty of faux plants in the floral department (as well as wood and foam wreath bases). Carve a matching green man mask out of clay (or pick one up on Amazon) and voila! The perfect Pagan statement piece.

Pentagram Wreath

This magickal protection wreath by Etsy user SavageApothecary is decorative and functional. Made out of natural materials, bone and magicakally charged items, it will keep your home safe while also looking beautiful. Why not make your own imbued with your intentions for the new year?

Pagan Stick Wreath

If you are a little more inclined to simplicity and perhaps even the Left Hand Path, why not try a stick pentagram wreath? This one was designed by Etsy user AskTheVoid and ships from Salem, MA. You can buy a wooden wreath base and use fallen sticks to create this final design.

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