(18+) Scarlet Starr is Magic

BlueBlood is one of the longest running alt-porn sites and one of the most iconic, considered by many to be the originator of the genre. BlueBlood has always heavily walked the line between geek and alt culture, long before the overlap between the two coulter-cultures was largely acknowledged (so you could call BlueBlood Geeky Freaky’s ancestor, too!)

BlueBlood is broken into several smaller, themed content sites like Erotic Fandom (geek and cosplay themed), Barely Evil (punk themed), Gothic Sluts (gothic themed) and a couples site. Their site has both softcore and hardcore content in picture form, as well as written blog articles.

They are still going strong 20+ years later and continuing to release new photo content on their website while simultaneously self-publishing several art books through Kickstarter (check out more about their latest ongoing project here).

One of the more recent sets over on Erotic Fandom showcases one of my personal favorite geeky alt girls, Scarlet Starr. This set of Scarlett showing off her Magic the Gathering collection was originally intended for a book project, but is beautiful in digital form as well. There is a lot of content of Scarlett and other geeky gals getting freaky on their site – so swing by and check it out.

As more and more alt-porn sites shutter their doors (we will miss you, Zivity), it is nice to be able to rely on BloodBlood continuing to keep alt-porn scene alive.

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